Anaerobic Digestion

Solutions for Anaerobic Digestion

To create value from organic wastes, producing renewable-source energy, and creating a regular and secure source of income.

Through a process of biomethanation – where natural bacteria are used to decompose the organic matter – valuable products are obtained, such as biogas and the compost. This one has the potential to be marketed as an organic fertilizer for soils.


It is possible to recover the biogas produced from anaerobic digestion systems, both through the generation of electric and thermal energy, which can be used for auto-consumption or marketed, and through the production of biomethane – to be used as a fuel for vehicles, or injected in gas networks.




ENC Energy designs, develops, and implements solutions for Anaerobic Digestion


The solutions of anaerobic digestion by ENC Energy provide:


  • Environmentally safe solutions for waste treatment
  • Renewable energy production
  • Products used as fertilizers
  • Lower carbon footprint of the companies
  • Potential reduction of the costs for organic wastes treatment
  • Better technical performance
  • Faster deployment
  • Lower investment costs
  • Different business models – Build-operate-own / Build-operate-transfer
  • Operating services
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