III International Meeting on Sustainable Technological Innovation
December 02, 2014

ENC Energy put into context the creation and management of sanitary landfills, instead of structures for the non-controlled disposal of urban wastes, showing the benefits that result from the construction and operation of a landfill, and the possibilities of maximizing the benefits through systems which enable the production and sale of energy, while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases and to a globally higher environmental performance.


The lecture “Aterros sanitários energéticos - Uma oportunidade sustentável para os resíduos sólidos urbanos: o caso da Termoelétrica a Biogás do Aterro Sanitário de Juiz de Fora” [Sanitary Landfills for Energy Production – A Sustainable Opportunity for Urban Solid Wastes: The Case of the Biogas Power Plant of the Sanitary Landfill of Juiz de Fora] reported a case of implementing an integrated system for the energy recovery of biogas in a small/medium sized landfill, showing how viable this type of solutions is, even when the quantity of biogas available is relatively limited and enabling a modular upgrade.

III International Meeting on Sustainable Technological Innovation
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