ENC Energy recognizes how important people were to our past successes and how important they will be to meet our present and future challenges and ambitions.

We follow a few principles which we consider to be essential to guarantee that the work teams are permanently aligned with and committed to the strategic guidelines and targets of the Company:

  1. To try to attract, maintain, and gain the loyalty of the best talents 
  2. To create the conditions for the continuous personal and professional development of all our employees
  3. To promote gender equality and internal equity, both in terms of salary and benefits
  4. To foster motivation and happiness within our staff, and make every possible effort to promote a smooth corporate atmospheres
Value proposition

A distinctive value proposition

  • Opportunities to have a real effect in changing the world – Integration in a highly attractive, ‘committed’ business – Enabling to play an active role in three of the main axes of pre-set changes in the society at the global level: climate changes, growth in population and social classes with purchasing power, globalization.
  • International Opportunities – A Company living a process of growth and expansion of its international business that will offer you experiences and opportunities of career in several regions of the world.
  • A culture characterized by sound Principles and Values – You will find a corporate culture founded on a set of principles, values, and beliefs lived and shared by all: Commitment and Delivery, Value Creation, Ethical Behaviour, Trusting Relationships.
  • Focus on the development/engagement of people – We are concerned with offering our employees individual development plans, opportunities to take part in the management of the Company, and to make an active contribution to its development.
  • Commitment to social cohesion – The concerns with the social sustainability of our surroundings are embedded in the daily life of our Company, and are expressed in regular actions of cooperation with social solidarity institutions, or also offering to all our employees a Scheme of Social Benefits tailored to their individual needs.
We are looking for people like you

We are looking for people like you

  • Being passionate about a new project
  • Being entrepreneurial
  • Willing to win
  • Ambitioning growth and development
  • Being resilient
  • Being able of creating positive relationships and team working


If you match this profile, our Values, and our Business Area, apply for one of the open positions, or send us your CV
Spontaneous application
Spontaneous Application
If you match this profile, our Values, and our Business Area, apply for one of the open positions, or send us your CV
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