ENC Energy Group

ENC Energy Group

We are an economic group specialized on constructing and operating technologies and solutions for energy production from the recovery of wastes.

For 16 years we have been working along with our clients maximizing their value creation by several ways: extracting and recovering the economic potential held within their wastes, improving the technical and economic performance of their operations, and also improving their environmental performance. Together, we promote the development of a more circular economy and the protection and sustainability of our planet.

Our ambition is To change the world through the circular economy

and to generate The Next Generation Energy.

For this, we have a team of technicians and engineers who use the expertise gained as a result of approximately 60 projects of Waste to Energy implemented throughout these 16 years of experience in Portugal, Brazil, Morocco and Chile, designing, building, and operating the most sustainable power plants to recover the energy potential held within the wastes. We achieve our mission:

Designing, developing, and building the solutions for the recovery of more sustainable wastes,

providing greater added value to our clients and shareholders

We provide Specialized Engineering Services, Equipments and Systems, “Turn Key” Solutions, Operation and Maintenance Services, or even Build–Operate–Transfer/Own (BOT/BOO) solutions to clients that appreciate our Core Business within this sector of Waste to Energy, our capacity of customization and the range of our inner value chain (from the design engineering to the maintenance of equipments).

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

To work each and every day at the limit of our capabilities, to generate value to our surroundings as a whole and to our stakeholders in particular.


There is no middle ground when it comes to performance, commitment, endeavour, and dedication. You either do something properly, or you don’t.

Ayrton Senna

We Work with Passion

We are passionate for what we do; we are committed to invest all our energy in each project we develop. Our ambition is to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Services and Solutions of Excellence

We follow working methods targeted to the quality, innovation, and continuous improvement of our products and services, promoting the efficient use of resources. We deliver quality, commitment, and precision to our clients. All our activities are focused on creating value to our clients, with the highest effectiveness and efficiency.

We Build Trusting Relationships

We favour trusting relationships, acting with transparency, integrity, and respect for other people. Our actions reflect, at any time, ethics, integrity, honesty, and solidarity. We provide to our staff conditions for their development and harmonization between the professional and personal components of their life.

Commitment with Sustainability

We develop solutions which meet and promote sustainability. Our actions are focused on the creation of environmental, social, and economic value.

Our History

  • 2002

    Incorporation of ENC Consultadoria e Serviços de Energia, Lda.

    The company that started the current ENC Energy Group was incorporated in 5 September 2002, taking as its object the supply of renewable solutions of energy and services in the framework of energy efficiency.

  • 2004

    Positioning in the segment of Landfill Biogas Recovery for energy purposes

    Joint-Venture with the company Energia Sur De Europa – Incorporation of Envirogás – Energia e Biogás, Lda.

  • 2007

    Construction, following an EPC model, of the first Energy Recovery Plant (ERP) of Biogas.

  • 2009

    First contracts of Operation & Maintenance of ERP’s with Landfill Biogas.

  • 2010

    Accreditation PME Líder

    Accreditation PME Líder

    ENC Soluções de Energia
    Accreditation PME Excelência

    Accreditation PME Excelência

  • 2011

    Incorporation of ENC Energy, SGPS

    Structuring of the Business Group. Creation of the Centre of Shared Management Services.

    Beginning of the internationalization process 

    Intensification of market research in Brazil as a technological player on landfill biogas.

    Start-up of production of the first ERP with landfill biogas on an exploitation scheme

    Almeirim, Portugal – Installed capacity: 1MW

    Accreditation PME Líder

    Accreditation PME Líder

    ENC Soluções de Energia

  • 2012

    Incorporation of Valorgás, a Brazilian law company.

    Contracting and beginning of the works of the second ERP with landfill biogas on an exploitation scheme in Portugal

    Project Gasflow - Chamusca – Installed capacity: 1MW

    Contracting and beginning of the works of the first ERP’s with landfill biogas on an exploitation scheme in Brazil

    Juiz de Fora (Minas Gerais) and Guatapará (São Paulo).


    Production of the first equipments under our own brand

    Deployment of the first two Units of Gas Conditioning under the ENC Energy brand name.

    Construction of the first ERP from organic recovery biogas – Agricultural wastes.

    ENC Power’s management quality system certified by APCER under Standard NP ISO 9001:2008.

    Accreditation PME Líder

    Accreditation PME Líder

    ENC Bioenergy
  • 2013

    Beginning of the works concerning the installation of a Production Unit of oil for biodiesel from the recovery of grease from wastes

    Project cofounded by NSRF.

    Establishment of Joint-Ventures with Estre Ambiental

    Incorporation of Guatapará Energia, SA and Estre Energia Renovável Participações, SA

    Start-up of its own plants in Juiz de Fora and Chamusca.

    Accreditation PME Excelência

    Accreditation PME Excelência

    ENC Bioenergy
  • 2014

    Start-up of the second ERP in Brazil

    Guatapará – São Paulo.

    Acquisition of a controlling position in the company Envirogas.

  • 2015

    Access to the African market - Conclusion of the first contract in the Moroccan market

    Supply of a biogas flaring solution with carbon credits monitoring – Oum Azza

    Start-up of the Industrial Unit of oil for recovery of fats, oils and greases from wastes.


    ENC Energy joins the international R&D project “Bionico” (BIOgas membrane reformer for deceNtralIzed hydrogen produCtiOn), leaded by the Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

    Project of Research & Development whose main purpose is to show, in an operating biogas plant, the production of hydrogen from the direct conversion of landfill biogas in catalytic membrane reactors.

    Accreditation PME Líder

    Accreditation PME Líder

    ENC Power
  • 2017

    Entry into the Chilean market

    Opening of branch in Chile and first project in this market.

  • 2018

    Entry into the Mexican market

  • 2019

    Start-up of the first energy recovery plant in Chile


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