Energy Recovery of Biogas

Energy Recovery of Biogas

Experience and knowledge when it comes to supply solutions for energy production from biogas.

We believe that the success of our formula lies on the combination between innovative engineering and technology and the experience gained throughout over a decade of excellent results. These factors enable us to guarantee that our power plants will have high levels of performance and availability.


Our solutions include systems for the biogas compression, cleaning, and dehumidifying, ensuring that the biogas is fuelled under conditions that match each solution.


Our technology of cogeneration enables a greater energy recovery, minimizing losses and wastage, because in addition to the electrical power, the thermal power resulting from the operation of the generator sets can also be used for several purposes.


We supply not only turn-key plants for energy recovery, including the execution of the electrical systems, but also tailor-made services to design, construct, operate, and maintain energy recovery plants with biogas, an area where we have over 14 years of experience.



ENC Energy has a wide experience of supplying “turn-key” solutions of cogeneration with biogas, having an installed power portfolio of over 30MW.

Biogas Upgrading

Biogas Upgrading

Solutions for the biogas upgrading which take into account all the aspects that affect the production of biomethane and the adoption of the best practices, which have a key influence on the performance of a project.

  • Integrated Solutions of Biomethanation
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The solutions of energy recovery supplied by ENC Energy provide:

  • Lower operational costs
  • Creation of additional sources of income
  • Lower GHG emissions
  • Renewable energy production
  • High levels of technical performance


Competitive advantages of the ENC Energy solutions in the area of biogas energy recovery

  • Integration of services / integrated approach
  • Experience and references (14 years)
  • Project focused and customized solutions
  • Own production of equipments
  • Professional and skilled team in the various stages of the project: engineering, construction, and O&M
  • Technical Assistance
Clients and Projects

Clients and Projects

Some of our clients and projects and how our solutions helped them

  • Guatapará Energia
    Guatapará Energia

    Landfill of Guatapará, Brazil

  • Suldouro

    Landfill of Sermonde (Portugal)

  • Valorlis

    Landfill of Leiria (Portugal)

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