“We must be the change we want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi


Our economic activity makes a real contribution to the environmental sustainability through the:

 Lower release of gaseous methane to the atmosphere

 Lower consumption of energy products that produce high levels of greenhouse gases

 Lower level of non-recoverable wastes for reintegration in the economic cycle

 Production of clean energy, from renewable sources


• Construction and operation of clean power plants from the recovery of the energy potential held within the wastes.

• Contribution to meet the energy requirements of mankind without consuming the non-renewable resources of the planet.


We make a real contribution to the sustainability and social cohesion of our surroundings through:

 Job creation and maintenance

 Investment in training and developing tools for our staff

 Collaboration with institutions of social solidarity tackling the major needs and social inequalities

 Easy access by our staff to socially useful achievements such as education and health


We make a real contribution to the economic sustainability of our surroundings through the:

• Policy of continuous execution of tangible investments

• Reduction in the import of petroleum products by the countries where we carry out our business

• Boost to economic development in the local communities where our business operates

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